Meet Dr. Tung Huynh, DDS

Dr Huyh and his children

Dr. Huynh grew up in the southwest area of Houston. After completing his undergraduate work at University of Houston, he went on to pursue careers in physical therapy and computer science. In 2003, Dr. Huynh started to discover his passion for dentistry in addition to the patient care experience that he had with physical therapy. It was with great determination that he decided to go back to school and earned his acceptance to the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston in 2005 with high test scores and graduated in 2009. Dr. Huynh believes that in addition to great skills, a dentist should have compassion when caring for patients.

With his time outside of the office, Dr. Huynh enjoys spending time with his family. He is blessed with three children,  two girls and one boy. He also loves to bike, play basketball and almost everything else except running.